The Italian Society of Electrodynamic Biophysics (SIBE) is pleased to announce the fifth national congress of electromagnetic medicine. The conference venue is located in Bologna in the Aula Magna of the former Human Physiology Department of the Bologna University, piazza di Porta San Donato 2. For more information and the registration form, just click the buttons below this communication.
For this occasion, SIBE announces that it is available the new IBAN of the society IT33J 08178 35227 000010099830
Everyone is invited to SIBE Congress!

Who We Are

The Italian Society of Electrodynamic Biophysics (SIBE) is a scientific association autonomous, independent, multidisciplinary and non-profit organizations. In SIBE are admitted professionals who are interested both on the experimental than on practical applications in the medical science of electromagnetic fields, electric and magnetic.
To achieve the aims of the association, the Company promotes cooperation with scientific institutes and organizations, national and international, and periodically brings together scholars and experts on the subject that operate in the structures of a scientific and clinical care universities, hospitals and local, public and private.
SIBE focuses its work in the innovative areas of medicine that are increasingly affecting the medical world and aims to disseminate this knowledge through training, qualification and updating of health personnel.